Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

Statement of Intent

Satrex Ltd is dedicated to carrying out its operations in a socially responsible manner. Ethical and environmental factors are considered as being integral to the long term sustainability of our business.

The Community

Involvement in and support of our community is important to us

Where practical we shall:

  • Recruit locally;
  • Make links with other businesses;
  • Source goods and services from local suppliers;
  • Support charities with a local focus.

The Environment

It is our goal to carry out all our activities with minimal environmental impact whilst regularly assessing and improving the environmental quality of our products and services. To ensure our commitment to this policy we shall (wherever practicably possible):

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation relevant to our activities;
  • Minimise the risk of future occurrences of environmental incidents resulting from our activities;
  • Minimise waste production and employ appropriate recovery and recycling methods;
  • Minimise air emissions associated with our activities;
  • Minimise energy consumption associated with our activities;
  • Minimise environmental impacts resulting from company expansion;
  • Provide training to ensure all employees are environmentally aware and have the understanding and skills to uphold this policy;
  • Regularly review environmental issues and legislation as they evolve and ensure we are complaint;
  • Actively seek and support suppliers and other organisations with a pro-active approach to reducing environmental impact and encourage customers to address identified environmental issues;
  • Make this policy readily available.

Ethical Statement

Satrex Ltd shall not support or work with any organisation which (to our reasonable knowledge):

  • Fails to uphold basic human rights within their influence;
  • Is involved in the manufacture for or supply to an oppressive regime;
  • Is involved in the manufacture of products used in the violation of human rights;
  • Does not conform to the most widely accepted standards for minimum labour rights (including the use of under-age and/or forced labour).

General Statement

We exercise a strong commitment to maintaining and applying currently recognised Health and Safety principles for the protection of employees, suppliers and customers (and their respective agents), and the general public.

Security and confidentiality of all data held by Satrex Ltd is an ongoing concern. Each person with access to records and files, paper and computerised, and the data infrastructure and networks owned by Satrex Ltd, understands that they hold a position of trust and must recognise the responsibility of preserving the security of the information, system and network they use.

Discrimination, bullying or any form of harassment will not be tolerated. The concept of mutual respect shall be a guiding principle. Employees are expected to abide by the company ethos and rules. Established procedures exist to report grievances or suspected inappropriate behaviour to other individuals and/or organisations. Satrex Ltd will treat accusations seriously which may result in disciplinary action in accordance with disciplinary procedures.